Air Source Heat Pumps

An air source heat pump is a central heating and/or cooling system that pumps heat to or from the outside air. It uses the outside air as a source of heat in the winter, or as source of cold in the summer.

An air source heat pump is ideal if there is no space available for ground loop and drilling on site is not an option.

Although not as efficient as a ground source heat pump, it can still provide savings on your energy bills and is cheaper to install as no ground works are required.

Thermatech has many years experience of designing, installing and maintaining heat pump systems and most of our designs use a combination of renewable energy sources, for instance an air source heat pump with solar hot water.

Air to Water Heat Pumps

An air to water system distributes heat via your wet central heating system. Heat pumps work much more efficiently at a lower temperature than a standard boiler system would. This makes them more suitable for underfloor heating systems or larger radiators, which give out heat at lower temperatures over longer periods of time.

Air to Air Heat Pumps

An air to air system produces warm air which is circulated by fans to heat your home. An air to air heat pump isn’t eligible for RHI. This type of system can not produce hot water.

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